Internet hosting Provider – Points to Consider

Before selecting a website hosting provider there are a number associated with matters you need to consider. Research at the outset will ensure that you get the service you require and help you avoid problems afterwards.

Services Provided: Do you need Linux or even Windows hosting? Do you get all the management tools you need?

A website hosting provider may give you a choice of Linux or Windows services. I recommend that you go for Linux unless you have a particular reason to use Windows (it will not matter what operating system you have on your PC). Linux powers the majority of websites and it is well supported by a mass of free applications. In particular WordPress has become an extremely popular tool for building a blog or even website and most of WordPress websites run on Linux where installation is quick and easy. I would only recommend making use of Windows where you have had a website constructed for you and the developers have used equipment that require it to run in a Microsof company environment.

You might also need multiple email accounts with a webmail service, FTP accounts, multiple databases (to support WordPress) and backup tools. I also such as see support for Fantastico – which makes it very easy to install WordPress.

Contractual Terms: Do you have to pay months or even years in advance? Can you cancel and get a refund? is there a cash back guarantee?

In an advert a website hosting provider will usually quote a monthly fee which requires a substantial upfront transaction. If they allow payment monthly it can be at a higher price. If you do spend in advance you need to ensure that you can terminate and get a refund of the abandoned credit. There may be a money back guarantee on offer and this is worth having as it allows you to get all your money back within an arranged number of days if you are unhappy for any reason. Such guarantees will usually just apply to brand new customers (i. e. if you have been a customer in the past it will not apply).

What is included: How much bandwidth and disk space can you use? How many domain names can you use? Is a domain included?

Several providers quote unlimited bandwidth plus disk space whilst other possess a (high) limit. In practice this is improbable to be an issue for a new site. “Unlimited” is clearly impossible and is really marketing speak for reasonable. Basic plans may be limited to one domain which may be OK on day time 1 but check the upgrade expenses. Some plans include a free domain name which may be a benefit but it will certainly use a less popular extension (it won’t be. com or. org).

How good is the service: Is it fast and reliable? What is the support like?

Your own pages need to load quickly to provide a good experience for your users and also to maximise your search engine ranking. This should not be a problem with the major hosting companies but look for user feedback. Your internet site needs to be available all the time so look for an uptime guarantee in excess of 99.
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9%. Customer Support is very important, look for phone support in addition to email/chat. Again it is well worthwhile seeking out independent user feedback.

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