How does Excel translate Chinese into English? Simple 2 stroke second translation


With the development of the economy and the times, we will find a very interesting phenomenon, that is, foreign friends everywhere, and more and more opportunities to access English documents at work, and when you need to translate a large number of documents Many people will have headaches, especially if they need to translate Chinese into English in Excel. So how does EXcel translate Chinese into English? Today I will introduce a relatively simple method to you, simple two-stroke translation, improve work efficiency is not a matter.

First, Excel direct translation

When many people use EXcel tables for data, most of them only know that Excel is very convenient to use, but they don’t know that there is an advanced function of translation chinese translator


  1. First of all, we can open the excel form to be translated, click on the function bar above to select “review” and click “translation” below.



  1. After clicking, a “Translate Selected Text” pops up and click “Yes”.



  1. After that, an “Information Retrieval” will appear on the right, then select “Chinese-English” in “Translate Voice”, and then click “Translate”.



Is it easy to translate with Excel? However, it also has its limitations, that is, it cannot be translated into batches. Files with less translation are still available.


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Second, online translation

Operation tool: Quick PDF Online Website

Introduction :

Quick PDF Online Converter is an online website. Through this website, you can convert Chinese excel into English, without the need for tedious download software operations, direct online translation.




  1. Go to the homepage of the Quick PDF Online Converter via the website, then click Document Processing, and select “Excel Online Translation” in the selection drop-down box.


  1. We can select “click to select file” and add the excel file to be translated to the website.


  1. After adding the file, select Simplified Chinese-English, select the conversion mode, and set whether to make the file public and other parameters. After setting, click “Start Translation”.


  1. After waiting for the conversion to complete, you can click “Download Now” to download the converted file to the desktop.


Translation effect map:

See, is the translation function of this online website easy to use? Although you can translate Chinese into English in Excel, you need to translate sentence by sentence. If the workload is relatively large, it will be exhausting, so the fast PDF online website can reduce your workload. Waiting What, hurry and try it.

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