Pineal Gland and Third Eye

Did you know that your system basically has 3 actual physical eyes?

Our mysterious 3rd eye was pondered by mystics through the ages, and has long been thought to be the supply of a better interior vision.

You may well be astonished to learn that these kinds of a third eye actually does exist. It is a small gland in your mind – the pineal gland. The pineal gland is found in the specific geometric centre of your mind. Curiously, this correlates to the exact place of the historical Great Pyramid that sits in the heart of our physical planet.

Your pineal gland is about the size of a pea, and sits in a very small cave behind and higher than the pituitary gland. It is situated straight powering your eyes, and is attached to your brain’s 3rd ventricle.

And sure, serious.

The correct perform of this mysterious gland has long been contemplated by philosophers and non secular adepts. The historical Greeks considered the pineal gland was the third eye – our connection to the Realms of Believed. The good philosopher Descartes identified as it the Seat of the Soul.

The pineal has numerous qualities of your exterior eyes, like a lens. It is made up of a full map of the visual industry of the eyes. It is activated by mild, and controls your body’s a variety of purely natural biorhythms. The pineal performs in immediate harmony with your hypothalamus gland – the director of thirst, starvation, sexual desire, and the organic clock managing your ageing course of action.

The pineal secretes melatonin when you are comfortable and visualizing, and also responds to electromagnetic strength. At sure brainwave frequencies these types of as deep Theta, a perception of our moi boundary generally vanishes. Our consciousness is then considerably less involved with our bodily point out. According to lots of historical traditions, this is when our third eye starts to show specific powers.

Ancient Beliefs about the Pineal Gland
Several native traditions, ancient mystical practices and mystery educational facilities refer to the ability of staying conscious of power fields at larger levels. This level of consciousness is distinctive from our regular amount of consciousness, which tends to be mostly involved with our self-identification.

While the actual actual physical existence of the pineal gland was not verified right until new situations, mystical traditions and esoteric educational institutions have extensive felt this region of the brain to be the connecting connection to alternate realities and larger stages of consciousness.

In accordance to historical traditions, when the pineal gland awakens, 1 feels an abnormal force at the base of their mind. When activated, the pineal gland is said to turn into a direct line into larger states of consciousness.

Interestingly, the bony plates of the skull straight in front of the third eye do are likely to turn out to be thinner in lengthy-time meditators and serious seekers.

Establishing Your Third Eye
The first step to creating the sensitivity of your third eye is physical leisure. The ancient mystery educational facilities then have their college students establish their pineal gland by very first withdrawing their interest from their physical senses. They are then directed to mentally focus on a place in the middle of their forehead. This does not in fact use the muscle tissue of your eyes, but is rather an interior emphasis.

In conditions of brainwave schooling, this would start off with establishing very good Alpha relaxation. This would be adopted by sinking down into acutely aware Theta to withdraw your concentration on any exterior stimuli.

The trick is to then visualize, incredibly intently, the essence of your electrical power-centered system escaping out by means of the entice door at the base of your brain. A popping audio could essentially come about in the space of your pineal physique at the time you achieve this.

Visualization exercises are the very first stage in directing the energies in our inner programs to activate the 3rd eye. The magnetic area is created around the pineal gland, by concentrating the brain on the halfway level between the pineal gland and the pituitary system. The creative creativeness visualizes something, and the imagined strength of the mind offers life and course to this type. How also!
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The author, Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler, is a health practitioner of psychology, pioneer brain/thoughts researcher, and former advisor to the Pentagon, a Presidential Fee, and numerous top executives and government groups.

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