Polaris Media Group Findings and Evaluation

Polaris Media Group is a new name for a company known as Liberty Little league International.

The original founders of the Liberty League International, parted company since June 2009. The new management personnel of Polaris Media Group, says, most distributors, stayed, with them. Presently, one of the original founders named, Shane Krider is heading the organization.

Taking a look at financial data, from before this date, 2008, we see three percent of this company’s sales force had been bringing in 45% of the sales. Their average earnings were more than $289, 000.
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Only, 85% of the companies’ active distributors were earning greater than $13, 000. The companies focus is usually self-help videos and workbooks. They are structured towards making the buyer aware of their own abilities to become sales persons. That only we can make yourself more self sufficient and less reliant on the weekly paycheck.

There are many video clips on the website testifying on the success the fact that buyers have had utilizing the Polaris Media Group marketing material. Looking over the available choices of how to get going in this venture, one can see almost all products will not ship until 2010. It is unclear if these products are usually undergoing a makeover at this time, therefore causing the delay.

When you put a product in your cart, which has the needed steps to get started in the Polaris Media Group distributorship, your price is definitely $2855. 00. This package is known as, Beyond Freedom Evolution Launch. This particular 90-day course contains video, Dvd disks, workbook, and a journal. With this package, one is promised you will then have the information to empower yourself, achieve success, and build the self-confidence you desire for. This package shows the price is 40% off the usual cost.

The above package is one of six that is available for purchase on the Polaris Media Group web site. The other choices look like bits and pieces of the main one described in the above paragraph. There are also conventions that are available for purchase.

The conference titled, Sovereignty Live, shows a three-day event, from last month. This was in Puerto Rico. Topics protected included how to set goals and how to create wealth. The price of the conference added to the shopping cart, shows just under $10, 000. Over all as of date of the article, Polaris Media Group appears to getting reorganizing itself, with the material not being shipped and outdated conference information. It is clear from the details obtained from the company website, before this, very few people were making much after deducting what they paid for material to get involved with the business.

This fact is probably mostly due to the fact that, like most home based business businesses, it lacks a clear step by step advertising branding that can be taught to people which never were involved in marketing prior to. Yes the training conferences are great for anyone who has some experience marketing however a brand new home business owner could get overwhelmed plus go broke without a simple marketing and advertising system that can teach them the best way to market and stay in the business long enough to make profits.

Polaris Media Team has a great potential to creating an awesome income, if you are a seasoned network marketer, when you have never done any marketing on the internet before make sure, before you actually invest a substantial amount of money to actually learn the basics of marketing and create a marketing funnel. This way you set yourself up for success.

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