Minty Fresh – Home Made Bad Breath Aerosol

Need minty-fresh breath all day, every day? Need your breath to smell such as nothing but peppermints for that special time? Looking for an all-natural, all-organic halitosis spray to keep you confident?

Mothers always tell their children to practice good hygiene and grooming wherever they go. Who knows what a trip to the grocery store may accomplish? You might just finish up standing next to “The One” at the cashier and it would be such a shame if you didn’t even bother to alter your clothes, comb your hair or brush your teeth!

That’s why good cleanliness is extremely important in our daily lives. Every single day we meet up with people and speak with them. And more often than not really, we only have a few minutes to make a good and lasting impression on them.

Need breath like an angel’s for that important meeting/presentation/date? Here’s something you can cook up in your kitchen:

Home-made Bad Breath Spray


– Fresh thyme leaves
– Fresh mint simply leaves
– Fresh eucalyptus leaves
: 3 tsp. cloves
– one lemon
– 1 cup vodka
— 4 tsps. glycerine


Blend the thyme, mint and eucalyptus together. Add the cloves too. Put the mixture into a tinted container and add the vodka plus lemon. Leave the mixture for about 3 weeks. After 3 days, drain the mixture into a dish. Add the glycerin. Now, you are able to put the liquid into a small aerosol bottle, ready for use. How to use it? Spray it like you would a regular breath spray.

Just a note: ensure you’re not allergic to any of these ingredients before you attempt to use it. Word to allergy-prone: consult your doctor first. Also, you can add a bit of artificial sweetener into the mixture if you find it too unhealthy.

With this home-made bad breath spray, you’ll be confident and minty-fresh all day! For more information, don’t hesitate to read on.

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