Home Theater Seating — It’s All About Your Bottom

Investing more time changing positions or fidgeting in your seat??? Time then for new home theater seating furniture. You can have the best surround sound, and an excellent screen, but to really enjoy yourself, you must be comfy. “Of course, to do it right, you are need the right equipment, and that’s where the choice of a great chair can make all of the difference”.
Seating Features:

There are literally hundreds of home theater seating options to select from, including loungers; recliners; sofas; container chairs; single seats; curved loveseats; high or low back seats; straight or curved rows associated with two or more… and kid chairs for your juniors too. Other options include tight back or tufted back, limited seat, tight base, rolled arm or straight-arm chairs. Built-in advantages like cup holders and racks add that extra dose associated with luxury.
Pick from a range of upholstery, leather or faux leather. Frames can be found in plastics, laminates or wood. You can typically end up spending a lot of time in your home theater chairs, so pay special attention to ergonomic design. Some companies have interactive websites that allow you to build your own theater chair!!
Seating Placement:

If you have more than one row associated with seating furniture, about 40″ — 42″ distance between rows is usually recommended. Two things will impact the placement of your seating. 1st is your screen size. Designers suggest putting front seats at a distance of one plus half to two times the diagonal screen dimension.
Second is the placement of your back row relative to a rear wall.
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It is advisable to set your back row a few feet from the rear wall, so that you can soak up your surround sound. This gives for an aisle behind your back row and allows the full range of rocking motion for rockers.
It is eventually a question of individual preference and its particular best to decide the placement depending on your specific requirements.
Buying Options:

Home entertainment seating is available online for all forms of home theater enthusiasts and not just the rich and famous. Berkline Home Theater Seating, Preferred Seating, Booth Seating, Top notch Home Theater Seating are some of the big companies. The price of seating varies with the brand and the product features. Check for individual warranties on frames, springs, reclining mechanism and cushions as these can vary.
So take your pick and enjoy the cozy home theater viewing experience within the lap of luxury.

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