On-line Display Advertising For Automotive Dealership Owners

On the web display advertising provides a targeted plus direct response approach that assist to effectively target segment specific audiences and increase brand awareness. Based on IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, the total Internet advertising revenue for 2009 had been $22. 7 billion. While on the web display advertising accounted for 35% or $ 8. 0 billion of the total Internet advertising revenue for this year. The automotive advertisers accounted for 11% or $2. 5 billion of total Internet Advertising expenses in 2009. Therefore, online display advertising that includes screen banner ads, rich media, digital video, and sponsorship links could be effectively used by automotive dealers to target customers based on website context, geographic location, specific demographic information, plus user behavior.

Advertisement Is Based On:
Commercials based on demographic information, website context, and geographic location can help filter down and pin point particular customer segment.

Website Context
Contextually relevant advertisements can help automotive dealers to better target the potential customers because they are willingly showing interest simply by viewing specific themed areas. Auto dealers can effectively target individuals customers searching for new cars, used cars etc on Internet by placing advertisement based on website context. Also, the website viewers are likely to respond positively or pay more attention to such theme related advertisements.

Buyer Geographic Place
Display advertisements based on user place allows automotive dealers to successfully target potential customers in local area, geographic region, or in any specific town. Delivering customized advertisements with proper relevance within a specific region or city generates interest, engages, plus attracts potential customers.

Buyer Demographic Info
Display advertisements based on specific demographic information like industry, profession, age group, household income, gender etc can help automotive dealers effectively reach to a specific customer segment. Demographic ads informing about various offers, discount coupons etc given by automotive dealer can appeal to a variety of market segment. Display advertisements based on specific demographic info can help grab attention of essential audiences and turn them into potential customers.

Online display advertising enables automotive dealers to reach a wider segment of customers in a limited advertising budget.

Increases Brand Awareness
Successfully employing online display advertising helps you to create awareness about the automotive seller that results in building a brand picture in the long run. Positioning creative and appropriate advertisements to specific segment assistance to effectively target potential customers, increase automotive dealer exposure, and increase online traffic leading to higher conversion price. However , even if the customer does not simply click ads, it increases brand attention about dealer. As display advertising ensures that potential customers get to know about the solutions and inventory offered by automotive dealers, the next time these customers think of making a purchase, they can prefer and trust these types of dealers whom they can recall.

Successfully Target Customers
One of the key advantages of online display advertisements is that automotive dealers can effectively target customers within their advertisement budget. Display ads provide a better coverage and efficient targeting of potential customers as they could be based on website context, geographic location of buyer, variety of demographic information, and user behavioral information.
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Improves Online Traffic
Effectively positioning appropriate and engaging display advertisements to some specific segment of audiences can help drive qualified traffic to the automotive dealer website. Display advertisements in the form of banner ads, pop up ads, and contextual ads catch the attention of potential customers and increase the website traffic. Also, display advertising campaign increases the brand awareness that produces more traffic to the dealer internet site and increases the chances of customer buying.

Provides Good ROI
Apart from concentrating on specific segment of customers, online screen advertising increases online traffic plus increases the chances of sale thereby provides a good Returns On Investment (ROI). Also, display advertisement effectively focuses on desired customer segment thereby decreasing the ad spend wasted because of unwanted and ineffective impressions hence maximizing the ROI. Display advertising campaign facilitates tracking of display advertisement campaign by automotive dealers by means of metrics like clicks and conversions, impressions to better calculate the RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Online display advertisements can have an impact on purchasing decision made by automotive Internet users as they provide better consumer engagement. Thus, display advertisements can be effectively used by automotive dealers to boost their brand awareness, online web site traffic, website interaction time, and maximize ROI. Moreover, display advertisements also encourage users to conduct search on Internet that increases the website traffic.

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